Senior College


About the Subject

Zoology is one of the branches of pure sciences dealing with the studies of animal kingdom. Various aspects such as taxonomy, developmental biology, genetics, physiology, evolution, ecology, biochemistry, etc are included in the syllabus at undergraduate level. Also applied biological subjects like biotechnology and bioinformatics have been incorporated in the revised syllabus. Field excursions and study visits organized by the department help the students in better understanding of the subject as well as add to their interest in nature and its conservation.

About the Department

The department was started in 1952. Zoology is offered only at the FYBSC and SYBSC levels. Maximum student strength at entry level FYBSc is 40 and SYBSc is 20. Students offering zoology as one of the subjects upto SYBSc level, then major in Microbiology or Life Sciences at their TYBSc level. The department encourages students to actively participate in various academic as well as the co-curricular activities. Both the staff members are involved in EXSP guidance for various projects. To sensitize the students towards the ecology and environment, films based on such themes are shown to the students as well as resource persons are invited for guest lectures. Field excursions are also organized regularly by the department.

Both the staff members are recognized by the University of Mumbai for Post graduate teaching at M. Sc. Level with Animal Physiology specialization. Junior college – Biology is also included under the Zoology department. The teachers of Biology emphasize on an interactive teaching and learning process by using various teaching aids. Vernacular medium students are given extra remedial teaching in order to understand the concept.

The department has spacious laboratory and infrastructure for research studies though it does not have zoology offered at the TYBSc level. It is an ongoing endeavour of the staff members of Zoology –Biology department to make the subject enjoyable and interesting to study.

Dr. Ms. Roshan D'souza

M.Sc. Ph.D. Head and Associate Professor in Zoology


Academic Experience
Teaching experience of 25 years at undergraduate level and 14 years at Postgraduate level and research. Along with regular teaching have carried out various other academic and administrative responsibilities by serving on various committees, as the Vice-Principal of Science faculty from the year 2010–2016 and as the Coordinator of B.Sc.I.T. (Self-financed degree course) from 2013-16.

Academic Interests and contributions

  • Research in reproductive physiology and toxicology.
  • Have published four research papers in peer-reviewed indexed journals, presented papers and posters at conferences, completed three research projects and co-authored six ISBN- indexed textbooks based on zoology syllabus of University of Mumbai.
  • Teaching and learning methods through innovative research based pedagogy.
  • Outreach activities educating underprivileged students and women.
  • Animal ethics

Ms. Sandhya Radhakrishnan Kadiru

MSc. Assistant Professor in Zoology


Research Projects

  • 1. Smt. Sumiitra Devi Jatia research award for Teachers in 2010-11
  • 2. Minor research project for teachers by University of Mumbai in 2014-15
  • 3. Dr (Mrs) Barbara Naidu Memorial Scholarship in 2016-17



  • 1. Effect Of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (Nsaids) On Aquatic Organisms - Journal of Association of Zoologists, India, ISSN 2229 - 6549
  • 2. Antiepileptic drug Sodium valproate alters male reproductive function in rats - International Journal of Molecular Genetics, ISSN 2249-4227