Sophia College for Women
(Empowered Autonomous)
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Sophia College ( Autonomous)

Bhulabhai Desai Marg, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai - 400026

The NSS Unit Of Sophia College


Faculty In-charges: 

  • NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER: Ms.Sandhya Kadiru 


Student In-charges: 

  • NSS CORE COMMITTEE: Surbhi Malu (TYBA) | Secretary

                                            BA Preksha (SYBA) | Vice- Secretary

                                                Nirmayee Panda (SYBA) | Editor-in-Chief




                                                                            Dikshaa Sahu (SYBA)

                                                                            Shivika Singh (SYBA)

                                                                      Sneha Jere (SY BA SCJ)

                                                                           Trisha Maurya (SYBA)




                                                                    Sejal Dubey (FYBA)

                                                                     Manal Malik (SYBA)

                                                                                Vedika Mantri (FYBA)

                                                                                Tasneem Idrisi (FY BSC)

24th September 2022 Self Defence Workshop
19th September 2022 Financial Literacy
18th September 2022 Pulse Polio Drive
17th September 2022 International Coastal Cleaning Day - Girgaum Chowpatty
10th September 2022 Suicide Prevention – Skit
12th- 15th September 2022 Cleanliness Drive - Cleanliness Monitoring, Poster making, Quiz and Cleaning the campus.
29th August 2022 NSS Orientation Meeting
23rd August 2022 Blood Donation Camp
16th August 2022 Independence Day - Peace March
15th August 2022 Independence Day – Singing
13th August 2022 A Pursuit of Glory: Careers in Indian Defence Services
11th August 2022 Rakshabandhan Celebration with the officers of Gamdevi Police Station
11th August 2022 Raksha Bandhan - Har Ghar Tiranga Rally
10th August 2022 Rangoli Making Competition
6th August 2022 Dengue Malaria Awareness Skit
4th August 2022 Haloli Tree Plantation Drive
3rd August 2022 Anger Management:A key to Inner peace
15th July - 30th July Dengue Malaria Awareness Poster and Tshirt Painting
8th - 30th July 2022 Eco friendly rakhi selling with Sewa foundation
23rd July 2022 COVID-19 Booster Dose Vaccination Drive
01st July 2022 Webinar on Tissue Donation and Banking
21st June 2022 Holistic transformation through yoga with Nikita Mandalia
11th & 18th June 2022 Cosmetics Webinar
19th June 2022 Pulse Polio
20th May 2022 Blood Donation Camp
21st - 24th June 2021 International Yoga Day: Quiz and awareness activities
12th July 2021 Sophia Women's centre: Aspiring Entrepreneur by B.R. Venkatesh
24th July 2021 Webinar: Zero Waste Lifestyle- Steps towards a Sustainable World
4th August 2021 Financial Literacy: Be.artsy
10th August 2021 A Key to Inner Peace
15th August 2021 Yeh Mera India Quiz
4th -14th September 2021 Covid Awareness Campaign
8th September 2021 10 ways to Mindful Eating and Healthy Living
19th -24th September 2021 Sophia FES Genderlogue
25th September 2021 Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition
23rd September 2021 Pulse Polio Immunisation training
26th September 2021 Pulse Polio Immunisation Main Day
23rd - 29th September 2021 HIV/AIDS awareness week
29th September 2021 Webinar on Plastic Waste Recycling and Management
1st - 12th October 2021 Plastic Collection Drive
10th October 2021 Aksa Beach Clean up
15th October 2021 Importance of reading books
29th October 2021 Covid - 19 Vaccination Drive
7th - 9th November 2021 Cancer Awareness Activities:Quiz and Illustrations
13th - 20th November 2021 Street Dogs project
26th November 2021 Pledge on Fundamental Duties
26th November 2021 Patriotism in the Constitution
29th November 2021 Beach Clean Up- Girgaum Chowpatty
2nd - 6th December 2021 National Pollution Day: Best out of waste, poster making
4th December 2021 Short Film screening on the International day for the Abolition of Slavery
7th - 18th December 2021 Shiksha Project
10th December 2021 Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat
18th - 24th December 2021 Celebrating Rivers of India
19th December 2021 Beach Clean up at Girgaon
5th January 2022 Byculla Blood donation
12th January 2022 National Youth Day
16th-23rd January 2022 Chitthi Aayi Hai
24th January 2022 Self defence session
24th January 2022 Not me But You: Trivia Time
25th January 2022 Importance of Voting
25th January 2022 Poem recitation competition
26th January 2022 Not me but you: Debate - Conflict Conflicts
26th-29th January 2022 Republic Day: Hand/Face painting
26th-29th January 2022 Republic Day: Suryanamaskar
27th January 2022 Webinar: public speaking
28th January 2022 NSS Got talent show
1st - 7th February 2022 Save Electricity Project
6th - 11th February 2022 Save Water Project
9th - 14th February 2022 AWARENESS event for two Government Schemes.
9th February 2022 Webinar on: Human Values and Ethics
11th February 2022 Webinar on: Our children our future - An insight into the POCSO ACT
14th - 22nd February 2022 Road safety project
22nd - 28th February 2022 Menstrual Awareness Project
27th February 2022 Pulse Polio Drive
28th February 2022 - 6th March 2020 Organ Donation Project
8th March 2020 Blood Donation Camp
8th March 2020 Women's day cultural programme
05th March 2020 Russian Cultural Exchange Program:
1) Skit Performance
2) Dance Performance
3) Attendees
06th March 2020 Women’s Day Celebration- Special Panel Discussion
28th April 2020 Sophia NSS Covid Quiz
23rd - 28th April 2020 Social Media Covid Awareness(poster, video)
April - May 2020 Sanitization of Buildings
April - May 2020 Donation of food grains and other essentials
May 2020 Distribution of Arsenic Albom 30
22nd May 2020 Stress Management Webinar
30th May 2020 Machineless mask making webinar
3rd June 2020 E-mask webinar
17th June, 2020 First aid to your rescue (webinar)
20th June 2020 Secrets of Effective Communication
21st June 2020 Yoga day (Webinar on Yoga- Finding Calm in Chaos, Social media event on the theme of My Yoga at Home)
26th - 28th June 2020 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Quiz
July 1, 2020 National Doctors Day
4th July 2020 Environment and You: The Journey Ahead webinar
11th July, 2020 Somewhere over the rainbow webinar
14th July to 28th July, 2020 Tree Plantation Project
4 - 8th August 2020 Essay Writing on Positive Impacts of Covid
8th August 2020 Law and Rights of Women webinar
12th - 15th August 2020 Independence day Events (Quiz on 'India's Freedom Struggle', Poster and Slogan Making competition)
15th August 2020 The Armed Forces-An Insight webinar
12th September, 2020 Leadership and Team Building Webinar
26th September, 2020 Session on Bottle for Change
31st October 2020 Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge
6th November, 2020 Youth - The Power of a Nation
26th November 2020 Webinar on “The Constitution of India - with special reference to Fundamental Duties”
28th November 2020 Balancing Haemoglobin and Maintaining personal Hygiene
05th December 2020 Fit India webinar
4th - 6th December 2020 World Aids Week
22nd January 2021 Pad Project
23rd - 24th January 2021 Parakram Diwas- essay writing
24th- 27th January 2021 Republic day- letter to Martyr
29th February 2020 RTI 10th Anniversary Session
07th - 15th March 2021 Women’s Day Intercollegiate Presentation Making
26th - 31st March 2021 Poshan Pakwada:
1) Yoga Session
2) Poshan Mela
3) Role Play
01st April 2021 Blood Donation Camp - Dadar Station
207th - 11th April 2021 Covid Awareness:
1) Video Making
2) Poster Making
3) Slogan Making
4) Skit
27th April 2019 Youth Speak Forum, AISEC
4th June 2019 World Environment Day
13th June 2019 Ek Prithvi Orientation
21st June 2019 Yoga Session
1st July 2019 Blood Donation Camp
21st July, 2019 Worli Beach Cleanup
26th July 2019 Skit on Cleanliness
13th August 2019 Campus Cleaning
15th August 2019 Peace rally
19th August- 20th August,2019 Self Defence Workshop
20th August 2019 Free Health Check-up
20th August - 26th August, 2019 Voter registration drive
13th September 2019 Beach Cleaning at Girgaon Chowpatty
20th September 2019 Survey on Plastic Segregation and Recycling
23rd September 2019 Solid waste talk
23rd September 2019 - 14th February 2020 Bottles for Change
1st October 2019 Visit to Mani Bhavan
31st October, 2019 Run for Unity
1st November 2019 Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
1st November - 30th November, 2019 Save Electricity:
● Awareness among children
● Questionnaire on electricity consumption
● Poster and earthly hours
● T-Shirt painting
● Electricity bill comparison
11th November 2019 Essay Writing on Sardar Vallabhai Patel \Unity in Diversity
22nd November 2019 Talk on Organ Donation
23rd November - 24th November, 2019 Tree Plantation Drive
25th November 2019 Communal Harmony Posters and Essays
25th November 2019 Suicide Prevention Talk
30th November 2019 Story Telling Session
2nd December 2019 Art Therapy Workshop
12th December, 2019 T-shirt Painting
12th December, 2019 E-Waste Orientation and Collection
13th December- 14th December, 2020 E – Waste Collection Drive
18th January 2020 Gandhi Seminar
26th January 2020 Republic Day Celebration; Film Division
27th January 2020 National Girl Child Day Poster
30th January - 31st January 2020 Bisleri Skit
31st January 2020 Session: India in 2030
2nd February to 20th February, 2019 Vocational Training and Teaching
5th February - 18th February 2020 Area Project: Save Water
● Essay writing
● Photography contest
● Awareness + video
● Questionnaire
● Screening and discussion
● Peace walk with posters
● Oath
7th February 2020 Blood Donation in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital
13th February 2020 Swachhata Skit (Shiksha)
14th February 2020 Cooking Competition
17th February 2020 AIDS Street Play
21st June 2018 International Yoga Day: Yoga sessions
7th July,2018 Tree Plantation drive at Amarson Gardens
6th August, 2018 Youth parliament
7th August, 2018 Poetry Slam - Communal Harmony
8th August, 2018 – 15th February, 2019): Swachh Bharat Area Project: 1) Introduction Orientation session
2) Plastic ban debate and discussion
3) Haloli Visit (teaching and tree plantation)
4) Pledge taking and Eco-friendly (Independence Day) March
5) Campus Cleaning
6) Cloth Bag Collection and Distribution at Grant Road Station and market
7) Online Survey
8) Talk by Anjana Oza
9) Kitchen Compost and Waste Segregation to promote waste composting at a society level - Waste segregation and kitchen composting which was later distributed to the neighbors of the volunteers.
15th August 2018 Independence Day:Pledge taking and Eco-friendly March
20th August, 2018 Thalassemia and Anemia detection check-up
20th August, 2018 Blood donation drive
26th September, 2018 Discussion on the careful use of water
2nd October 2018 Jashn-e-aman, Gandhi Peace March from grant road station to Mani Bhavan
4th October, 2018 Diya Painting Workshop
9th October 2018 Street play on organ donation
10th October International Girl Child’s Day: Poetry Writing and Gift Making
13th October 2018 ‘WALK WITH ME...EASY MY PAIN’ - Walk arranged to spread awareness about the life of Cancer Patients
16th October, 2018 Talk on Sexual Harassment at Workplace
5th to 10th November, 2018 Rangoli and Video Making endorsing ‘Pollution Free Diwali’
28 November, 2018 Talk about ‘Underprivileged children on personality training’
1st December 2018 Aids Day: T-shirt Painting
13th December, 2018 Notebook Making workshop
24 December, 2018 to 4th January, 2019 Save Electricity Area Project:
1) Questionnaire making for survey and interview
2) Statistical Comparison of Electricity bill of a Festival and a Normal month
3) T-shirt painting for spreading awareness
4) Poster making
5) Interviewing people to know public opinion.
21st December, 2018 to 15 February, 2019. Save Water Area Project - 1) Poster Making
2) Questionnaire making and Report Writing
3) Social Media Posting – An online initiative to spread awareness about water conservation
4) Spreading Awareness- Video Making
5) Talk and discussion on water conservation
6) Online survey
7) Documentary screening on ‘Life without Water’
8) Interviewing people about water conservation and spreading awareness.
13 to 18th January, 2019 Shiksha - teach students at BR Ambedkar BMC school
12 January to 15th Feb, 2019 Red Ribbon Club area project: 1) Blood Donation Camp with TATA Memorial Hospital
2) Human Chain Formation and Pledge
3) T-shirt painting
4) Guest Lecture on HIV/AIDS
5) Documentary Screening.
29th January to 22nd February, 2019 Health and hygiene area project:-
1) Talk on Menstrual cups
2) Survey on hygiene and cleanliness
3) Social Media and Campus Awareness
4) Documentary screening - Diabulimia: The world's most dangerous eating disorder
5) Preparing healthy recipes
6) Preparation of diet chart
7) Talk on Polycystic Ovary Disease
8) Body Mass Index Test.
30th January, 2019. Blood Donation Drive in association with Nair Hospital at CST
31st January, 2019 Talk on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Sudhakar Pandurang
1st February, 2019 Blood donation drive
9th- 24th February, 2019 Road Safety Area Project
12th February, 2019 Caption and Poetry Writing on the theme ‘Environment Conservation’.