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The Senior (Degree) College section offers the following three-year (six semesters) Undergraduate (UG) programmes of study, all of which are designed by Sophia College (autonomous) (Autonomous).

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

This three-year integrated degree programme includes the following components:

  • Foundation Courses (2 papers)
  • Languages

(Communication Skills in English; and Hindi/French)

  • Elective subjects

(Economics, Education, English, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics)

  • Applied Component

(Gandhism, Mass Communication, Nutrition & Dietetics, Investment Analysis)

At the Third Year BA, you can specialize in one elective subject with six papers (Single Major, SM) or you may choose two elective subjects with three papers each (Double Major, DM). At present, Education and Political Science are available only as DM subjects; other elective subjects may be either SM or DM. Statistics is only offered in FY and SY BA.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

This three-year integrated degree programme includes the following components:

  • Foundation Courses (2 papers)
  • Elective subjects

(Biochemistry, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Zoology)

  • Applied Component

(Environmental Science, Food Processing & Preservation, Drugs & Dyes)

At the Third Year BSc, it is possible to specialize in one elective subject and related practical courses i.e. six papers (Single Major, SM) or you may choose two elective subjects with three papers each (Double Major, DM). At present, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics are available only in FYBSc; Zoology is offered only in FY & SY BSc; Biochemistry is a DM subject available only in TY BSc.

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

The programme has been conceived as an academic course with a strong professional orientation. It is designed to offer you an opportunity to gain specialized skills in Journalism and strategic communications-based disciplines like Advertising, Public Relations, Branding and Digital Marketing. The programme follows a semester system introducing you to subjects that effectively combine theory and practical application, thus allowing you to approach the media from diverse perspectives.

With academic autonomy, the department has revamped the syllabi of all the courses across six semesters to ensure relevance to, and readiness for, a growing and changing industry. You will be taught by industry professionals who help set and maintain a high bar of teaching-learning-assessment integrity within the department, making it student-driven and striking a balance between content and skill development. In-class teaching is complemented by a rigorous internal assessment programme and semester-end examinations.

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) (BSc (IT)

This programme encompasses the study in the field of software development, software testing, software engineering, web design, databases, programming, computer networking etc. There is a judicious balance of theory and practical application in all courses. Value-added courses and workshops on Ethical Hacking and Information Security, Cyber Security & Advanced Mobile Programming are offered. The programme tries to equip students with the technical skills and knowledge needed for a rapidly expanding and exceptionally diverse industry. The department has had good placements in firms such as Wipro, TCS, Infosys, DELL, L&T Infotech Ltd.

The Credit-Based Semester and Grading System (CBSGS) is applicable for all courses of the BA, BSc, BMM, BSc (IT) programmes.

Each academic year in the UG programme is divided as follows:


Odd semester

Even semester

First Year (FY)



Second Year (SY)



Third Year (TY)



The BA, BMM, BSc, BSc(IT) degree of the University of Mumbai – will be awarded to learners who successfully pass all courses, in all semesters of the degree programme that they are pursuing. The result is based on learner achievement across all six semesters.

Become familiar with some terms which you will encounter.


refers to student


refers to subject chosen by the learner



It indicates the college, degree programme, subject, semester and paper number


For example:


SBMMED301 - Sophia BMM, Semester III, Paper 1

SBTTEC504 - Sophia BSc IT, Semester V, Paper 4

SBSCHE101 - Sophia BSc, Chemistry, Semester I, Paper 1

SBAHIL101 - Sophia BA Hindi Literature, Semester I, Paper 1


It is indicative of the extent of time spent by the learner on a specific Course.

This includes:

i. face-to-face /online instruction; and

ii. notional hours (e.g. through self-learning)

One CREDIT is equivalent to 30 hours.


The measured value of a particular course.


It is a combination of marks, credits and grades.


It will show marks, credits, grades and grade-Points obtained by the learner.


Semester End Examination


Internal Assessment

i.e. Tests/Assignments/Practical work etc. held during the course of the term


A learner who is absent for the regular IA Test or who fails the test, is allowed to appear for a Re-Test under the following conditions:

i. Serious sickness backed by a valid and

authentic medical certificate

ii. Representing the college or University of

Mumbai in a sports event

iii. Any other valid reason at the discretion of the



ALLOWED TO KEEP TERMS. A learner who is absent or has failed a Course is allowed to appear for the ATKT Examination.

(The learner is required to pay the Examination Fee as per University rules.)