Sophia College for Women
(Empowered Autonomous)
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The college was first accredited by NAAC in 2003 with an 'A' grade with the overall institutional score of 88%. In 2009 it was reaccredited by NAAC and scored an 'A' grade with a CGPA of 3.61 on a scale of 4. In the 3rd cycle of accreditation, it acquired an 'A++' grade with a CGPA of 3.70 on a four-point scale.

The college was granted AUTONOMOUS STATUS by University grants commission on 18th July, 2018. However, the college will remain affiliated to University of Mumbai. As an autonomous college we will be able to:

  • > Review existing courses/programs, and restructure, redesign and prescribe our own courses/programs of study and syllabi
  • > Formulate new courses/programs
  • > Evolve methods of assessment of student's performance, conduct of examinations and notification of results
  • > Announce results, issue mark sheets, migration and other certificates; however, the degree shall be awarded by the University with the name of the college on the degree certificate

#Autonomy gives us the freedom to design our own curriculum, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our student body, our country and world. The evaluation process, too, is designed to ensure an objective and holistic assessment of student's performance at examinations.

The following committees are formulated under Autonomy -

  • > Governing Body
  • > Academic Council
  • > Finance Committee

In addition, the following committees continue to operate in college in order to fulfill the goals of autonomy


  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • O Dr. (Sr.) Ananda Amritmahal - Principal (Chairperson, IQAC)
  • O Sr. Teresa Pereira - Management Representative
  • O Ms. Gilda Pereira - Vice Principal (Arts)
  • O Dr. Yasmin Khan - Vice Principal (Science)
  • O Dr. Anagha Tendulkar - Vice Principal (Administration), Coordinator, IQAC
  • O Mrs. Sheila Master - Ex-Student, Consultant, IQAC
  • O Dr. T.C. Roymon - IQAC Subcommittee
  • O Ms. Tanaz Asha - IQAC Subcommittee
  • O Dr. Trevor Allis - IQAC Subcommittee
  • O Dr. Arjumanara Surti - Senior Faculty Member
  • O Ms. Sandra Mendes - Senior Faculty Member
  • O Mrs. Boskey Martis - Representative of Office Staff
  • O Mr. Ramesh Ramane - Representative of other non-teaching Staff
  • O Ms.Rajni Desai - Ex-Student
  • O Mrs. Nevah D'Mello - Ex-Student
  • O Dr. Medha Rajadhyaksha - Ex-faculty
  • O Ms. Sarah Mathai - Student Body President
  • O Ms. Harshini Agarwal - Cultural Secretary


  • College Development Committee
  • O Dr.(Sr.) Anila Verghese - Chairperson of the Trust
  • O Sr. Patricia D'Souza - Nominee of the Secretary of the Management
  • O Dr. (Sr.) Ananda Amritmahal - Principal, Sophia College (autonomous)
  • O Dr. Trevor Allis - Senior faculty member nominated by Principal
  • O Ms. Swarupa Kamat - Elected teaching staff member
  • O Dr. Yasmin Khan - Elected teaching staff member
  • O Mr. Rampratap Yadav - Elected non-teaching staff member
  • O Dr. Vispi Balaporia - Local member nominated by Management (Research)
  • O Dr. Vidita Rakshit - Local member nominated by Management (Education)
  • O Mrs.Rita D'Souza - Local member nominated by Management (Industry)
  • O Dr. Madhav Sathe - Local member nominated by Management (Social  Service)
  • O Mrs. Sheila Master - Consultant, Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • O Dr. Anagha Tendulkar - Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • O Ms. Sarah Mathai - Student Body President
  • O Ms Harshini Agarwal - Cultural Secretary


  • Planning and Evaluation Committee
  • O Dr. (Sr.) Ananda Amritmahal - Principal
    • O Ms. Gilda Pereira - Vice Principal (Arts)
    • O Dr. Rajbinder Dehiya - Vice Principal (Science)
    • O Anagha Tendulkar
    • O Roshan D’Souza
    • O Paul Rozario
    • O Lavanya Varadharajan
    • O Dr Yasmin Khan


  • Examination Committee

O Controller of Examination - Dr Yasmin Khan

O Conduct of Examinations -Dr. Sunita Jadhav - Deputy Controller

O Ms. Tanaz Asha - Joint Deputy Controller

O Declaration of Results - Dr. Rashna Poncha - Deputy Controller

O Dr. Meeta Saxena - Joint Deputy Controller

Undertaking by UGC


Sr.No Name Composition
1. Dr. (Sr.) Ananda Amritmahal Principal (Chairperson)
2. Mr. Sanjay Shah Vice- Chancellor’s nominee
3. Dr. Hemalatha Ramachandran A senior faculty member
4. Ms Deepali Patel Governing Body nominee

Sophia College Academic Council

Sr.No Name Composition
1. Dr. (Sr.) Ananda Amritmahal Principal (Chairperson)
2. Dr. Sangeeta Dubey Head of Department
3. Dr. Andrea Coutinho Head of Department
4. Ms Pervine Bhujwala Lecturer in charge
5. Dr. Sumanika Sethi Head of Department
6. Ms Swarupa Kamat Head of Department
7. Dr. Trevor Allis Head of Department
8. Dr. Paul Rozario Head of Department
9. Sr. Patricia D’Souza Head of Department
10. Dr. Perpetua Miranda Head of Department
11. Dr. Margarida Colaço Coordinator
12. Dr. Chinmoyee Vatsyayan Head of Department
13. Dr. Ignat Mendes Head of Department
14. Dr. Hemalatha Ramachandran Head of Department
15. Ms Sandra Mendes Head of Departmente
16. Dr. Arjumanara Surti Head of Department
17. Dr. Meeta Saxena Head of Department
18. Dr. Roshan D’Souza Head of Department
19. Ms Rinjal Jain In-charge Coordinator
20. Dr. Roymon T.C. Coordinator, Foundation Course
1. Dr. Anagha Tendulkar Four teachers of the college representing categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college.
2. Dr. Gianni Erevelles Mapara
3. Ms Shraddha Prabhu
4. Ms Jihasa Vachharajani
Sr.No Name Composition
1. Ms Padmini Somani Not less than four experts/ academicians from outside the college representing such areas as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, Science etc. to be nominated by the Governing Body
2. Dr. Rajiva Kothurkar
3. Dr. Usha Mukundan
4. Ms Zara Murao
1. Dr. M.M.V. Ramana Three nominees of the University not less than Professors
2. Dr. Anushree Lokur
3 Dr. Uttara Sahastrabhudhe
1. Dr. Yasmin Khan A faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary)


Sr.No Name Category Nature
1. Dr. (Sr.) Anila Verghese Chairperson Trust or management as per
2. Sr. Teresa Pereira Member of SHEWI The constitution or bylaws,
3. Sr. Pratibha Pinto Member of SHEWI With the Chairman or
4. Sr. Charlotte Bastion Member of SHEWI President/Director as the
5. Sr. Patricia D’Souza Member of SHEWI Chairperson
1. Dr. Hemalatha Ramachandran Senior teacher Nominated by the Principal
2. Dr. Perpetua Miranda Senior teacher based on seniority by rotation
1. Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas Educationist Nominated by the Management
2. Prof. (Ms) Kumud Sharma UGC nominee Nominated by UGC
1. Dr. Rohidas Kale State Government Academician not below the
Joint Director nominee Rank of Professor or State
Government official of
Directorate of Higher
Education/State Council
Of Higher Education.
1. Dr. Rashmi Oza University nominee Nominated by the University
1. Dr. (Sr.) Ananda Amritmahal Principal of the College Ex-officio