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About the Subject

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes, based on research and the evidence gathered from observation, measurement and experimentation. It differs from the ‘pop psych’found in self-help books, graphology, numerology, and astrology which also try to explain and predict behaviour and offer solutions to problems. Psychologists focus on describing, understanding, explaining, predicting and modifying behaviour and mental processes as well as on helping people understand themselves and others, so that they bring about change and improve the quality of life for themselves as well as those around them. Psychology is one of the fastest growing disciplines with developments in information technology, artificial intelligence, brain imaging, molecular biology and neuroscience making it even more multidisciplinary, challenging, and exciting.

Abot the Department

Psychology has been offered as a specialisation at Sophia College since 1976 and is one of the most popular subjects offered at the degree level. To enhance student learning, regular lectures and interactive discussions are supplemented with guest lectures, power point presentations, debates, peer learning, films, videos and documentaries, field visits and placements, student presentations, mini research projects, workshops, intercollegiate participation at the local and national level, research collaborations with NGOs.

Sr Patricia D’Souza

Head of Department


She is an ex-student of the College. A University Topper at the M.A. Psychology, she is a recipient of various prizes/awards, at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has been actively involved in different research projects since her post graduation which she has presented at various Conferences. She has initiated placement work as part of the study of Developmental Psychology for the SYBA students.


Area of special interest Women's issues:
2018-19 part of an ongoing collaborative project to conduct a study on ‘Observer intervention on sexual harassment : A situational Judgement approach to Assessment and Training The Centre on Gender equality and Health(GEH) University of California, USA under its EMERGE (Evidence-based measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender equality

Ms. Ahana Sharma



Counseling Psychology ; Past Research papers done on topics : Burnout, Procrastination. Research and advocacy interests : Gender representation in the media, Gender - based Violence, General Mental Health Awareness Building and Suicide.