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Economics is a subject of immense significance in today's globalized world. Knowledge of economics is required in almost every field. A student graduated in economics has a world of opportunities available. With its numerous practical applications, knowledge of economics is immensely helpful for the students in securing good job opportunities as well as in pursuing higher studies.

About the Department

Economics is a department which has always attracted students having good academic record and having keen interest in the subject. Sophia college offers economics as a subject at the FYBA, SYBA and TYBA level. At the FYBA level economics is offered only to those students who have secured good marks in economics or those who have a good overall percentage at the SYJC level. The approximate strength of students at FYBA level is around 225.At the SYBA level the students have to study two papers of economics. At the TYBA level there are about 35 seats available for students wishing to graduate in entire economics or there is also a choice available to the students of doing three papers in economics in combination with other subject. At TYBA level economics is offered only to those students who have scored good marks in economics at the SYBA class. The department consists of three faculty members. The faculty members are always accessible and very helpful to the students. Rigorous efforts are made to develop critical thinking amongst students. Students are encouraged to actively participate in class and present their views and opinions. Various important economic issues are discussed in the class to keep the students abreast of recent changes. The faculty members provide reference lists to the students from time to time to improve and update their knowledge regarding economic issues .Students are motivated to read beyond the parameters of their syllabus. Efforts are undertaken by the faculty to train the students in various Quantitative tools and techniques in applied economics to enhance their knowledge. Tutorial sessions are conducted for Quantitative papers and extra lectures are taken for complex topics. Assignments are given to test the knowledge of students. Students are encouraged and supported by the faculty to participate in various intercollegiate competitions .In the past students have won prizes at various inter-collegiate competitions like elocutions, paper presentation and debates. Students are also encouraged to attend talks and public lectures by reputed speakers organized by other institutions. The students are also involved by the department in organizing extra curricular activities at the college level.

All Staff is involved in the EXAP programme

Email ID: economics@sophiacollege.edu.in


Head of Department, Associate Professor


Area of specialization and Research Interest: Agriculture economics, Industrial economics, Demographic studies, Indian Financial system, Macroeconomic issues. 

Email: sangeeta.dubey@sophiacollege.edu.in


Associate Professor


Areas of specialisation and Research Interests : 

International Economics & Monetary Economics, Public Policy Economics, Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics, Entrepreneurship & Microfinance.

Email: sunita.jadhav@sophiacollege@edu.in


 Assistant Professor


Areas of Specialization and Research Interest: Econometrics, Financial Economics

Email: nisha.yadav@sophiacollege@edu.in