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The CUC or the ‘College Union Committee’ is the body which is completely elected and/or nominated by the students of Sophia College (autonomous). It comprises of Class Representatives (CRs), Club Secretaries, Cultural Committee (PRISM) leaders and is headed by a Core team which includes the Student Body President, Cultural Secretary, General Secretary and Treasurer.

The CUC seamlessly adapts to any situation which is faced by the students. Sophia College (autonomous) continues to engage, in a number of cultural activities even during a global pandemic. To ensure smooth functioning of the same, a PR head was nominated as a part of the CUC for the year 2020-2021.

The CUC is directly or indirectly in charge of all the cultural activities that take place in Sophia College (autonomous). The numerous clubs and associations conduct various activities all year round. The CUC organises and assists the organisation and implementation of any activity that comes under the purview of Sophia College (autonomous) such as Teacher’s Day, College Day, Convocation etc.

The CUC plays a monumental role in bridging the gap between the students and the College. The Core Members of the CUC are also a part of various college committees, such as the Placement Cell, Grievance Committee, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Kaleidoscope etc, which ensures appropriate representation of the student's voice at every stage.

The College Union Committee is a force to be reckoned with, which strives to uphold Sophia ethos and values. Being a part of this committee is considered to be one of the most prestigious positions that a student can  hold in the college.

List of Members:

  1. Core Committee: Core members of the CUC
    1. Student Body President- Syona Roy
    2. Cultural Secretary - Samiksha Jain
    3. General Secretary - Mansa Sukheja
    4. Treasurer - Visruta Aiyer
  2. PR Head: PR supervisor for all social media pages associated with Sophia College (autonomous).
  3. Class Representatives: Across all years, classes, and departments.
  4. PRISM Leaders: Representatives of the Cultural Committee.
  5. Club Secretaries: Secretaries of all the clubs and associations
    • Sports Department
    • Nature club
    • Sigma club
    • A&D: Art and Design club:
    • IRC: International Relations Club
    • WMDC: World Music & Dance Club
    • SSRI: Students' Social Reform Initiative
    • ACS: Association of Christian Students
    • SCEDA: Sophia College (autonomous) English Dramatics Association
    • ELS: English Literary Society
    • NSS: National Service Scheme Unit
    • BSP: Bhartiya Sanskritik Parishad