Canteen and coffee shop

A centrally-located canteen serves staff and student needs. Veg┬Četarian and non-vegetarian food is available at the College Canteen. The Canteen is a reasonably-priced, self-service canteen. Hot/Cold Beverage counters are provided in the canteen extension and near the central lawn.

You are requested to stand in queue when paying for your food tokens or collecting food/beverages. Also keep the canteen clean. Rearranging canteen furniture is only permitted for authorized class/club events. Dispose off waste appropriately in wet/dry bins explicitly kept for this purpose. Return plates, cups and cutlery in the tubs. You are encouraged to carry your own mug (for beverages) to help minimise the use of paper cups.

A Canteen Suggestion Box is kept in the canteen, for any student (or staff) to provide constructive suggestions, feedback and/or complaints. (Please keep photographic evidence of food that is contaminated or unhygienic.) Please also report such matters directly to the Canteen Manager at the time of your grievance.