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About the Subject

Mathematics & Statistics are subjects of immense application in today's world. These subjects find their applications in all streams – Arts, Science and Commerce. A sound knowledge of these subjects helps a students in the pursuit of higher studies as well as in challenging job situations. These subjects are widely applied in Masters(post graduate) Programmes of various subjects of Humanities and Sciences, Education and Management. Careers like Insurance, Banking, Consultancy, Market Research, Media Research, Quality Control Management, Stock investment, Investment Banking, Logistics and Warehouse Management, Financial Accounting etc require a good foundation in Mathematics and Statistics.

About the Department

The department encourages students to explore the quantitative knowledge. From the beginning of the course, students find the myth about the subject being difficult is baseless. Practical sessions are held to enable the students to discover the applications of the theory concepts in various fields. In addition, the department encourages the students to undertake projects beyond the syllabus, where in they will practically apply the concepts taught in the class room. The use of other teaching aids like ICT(Information & Communication Technology), case studies and mathematical and statistical softwares enables the students to have a sound understanding of the concepts and applications.

The staff are very helpful, accessible and eager to assist student academically. There is also ample opportunity for students to broaden their horizons by participating in competitions, lectures and workshops conducted by various institutions. Mathematics is offered only at the FYBSC level for those students who wish to graduate in Chemistry or Microbiology, while Statistics is offered at FYBSc to those who wish to graduate in Life science or Chemistry. In the Arts stream, Statistics is offered at the FYBA and SYBA levels. Apart from these, the faculty is also involved in teaching at the post-graduate diploma programmes (Diploma in Quality Assurance in Food Industry ; Diploma in Clinical Analysis) as well as BMM course. The staff is also involved in research activities.


  • Conference: Students of SYBA under the guidance of Ms.Sandra Mendes and Ms. Vidya Konar undertook a survey project “Different communities of Mumbai and the changes in their lifestyle and outlook” and the findings were presented by the students at the International Conference ‘Mumbai – Socio-Cultural Perspectives: Contributions of Ethnic Groups and Communities’ held on January 7-8, 2011 which was organised jointly by the Departments of History and Sociology.
  • The department of Maths and Statistics along with the department of Physics held a talk on BEYOND SCIENCE by Dr (Mrs) Radha Srinivasan on July 26, 2014.
  • Sample surveys on relevant theme pertaining to the Mumbai city like Water Conservation, State of Transport Infrastructure in Mumbai, Skywalks in Mumbai and Sanitary Facilities, Health Lifestyles of the Citizens in Mumbai was done along with the students of SYBMM in 2010-2011
  • Human Rights Issues – Domestic Violence and Women- a survey was conducted in collaboration with Dr. I . A. Mendes (Chemistry) in 2010-2011
  • The department has helped in creating Maths remedial lessons for the Municipal School Project conducted by the NSS student volunteers for students from nearby Municipal Schools.
  • For the F.Y.B.Sc. students of Mathematics a computer workshop on EXCEL and ‘MathLab for Unique Mathematical Functions’ was conducted.
  • Power-point presentations and posters are shown related to the subject of Mathematics to the F.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics students on topics such as ‘Applications of Mathematics in Wave Mechanisms’, ‘Mathematical Modeling’, ‘Probability Theory’, Actuarian Science’, ‘Application of Boolean Algebra in Circuits and Electronics’, ‘Number theory – Pascal’s Triangle and its applications’.
  • A workshop on ‘EXCEL and Control Charts’ held for SYBA Statistics students. A workshop on ‘Data Processing and EXCEL’ organised for the F.Y.B.Sc. and FYBA Statistics students.
  • A workshop on ‘ Excel-Basic Statistical functions ‘ held for SYBA Statistics students.

Ms. Sandra Mendes

Head of the Department

MSc, MPhil


Ms. Sandra Mendes is a member of the department from June,1991. She has done her Masters programme and an M.Phil programme in Mathematics from Chennai. She has specialized in Mathematical Analysis. She is also proficient in Statistics, Operations Research and Computer Applications.

Ms Vidya Konar

M. Sc.