Sophia College for Women
(Empowered Autonomous)
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Senior College


The department has two main streams - Hindi Language (compulsory) and Hindi Literature, and offers all nine papers in Hindi literature. The curriculum is most comprehensive, encompassing classic and modern, almost all the literary genres and connecting literature to philosophical ideologies, political discourses, sociological theories etc. History of literature and language is also taught, and Hindi grammar is studied in the wider context of linguistics. Apart from pure literature, the paper of functional Hindi equips the student with writing skills for mass media, and thus helping them to explore new carrier openings in the expanding media.

About the Department

Faculty members are involved in the cultural component of Excellence in Art Programme (EXAP) and have guided some of the projects on Indian Dances, Architecture, Indian Mythology and Comparative Study of the authors of Indian and western origin. The department collaborates with other departments to organize seminars and talks. Eminent literary personalities are invited to interact with the students.

Dr. Sumanika Sethi

M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D.


Areas of expertise and research interests & Doctoral area of research 

Her specialization is in the field of Aesthetics which deals with literature as an art form and interprets it in the wider context of other art forms, thus making the study inter-disciplinary. She has worked on the modern classic poem Andhere Mein. Further she has researched Yakshi icons excavated from Snghol, Punjab and compared these sculptures with literary traditions. She has also conducted research on Kanheri Caves (Mumbai) as a Minor Research Project by UGC. Her articles have been published in leading literary magazines.

Dr. Vaishali Pachunde

M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D.


M.PHIL Dissertation Title Is “Chitthiyan Ho To Har Koi Bache Ka Anushilan” Attended And Presented Multiple Research Papers In National As Well As International Seminars. Doctoral Research title; “Sahitya Karon Ke Patra Sahitya Ka Anushilan”. She has been Awarded “Mahatma Gandhi Shiksha Pratibha Samman” For Best Teacher Award by Hindustani Prachar Sabha Year 2022.

Dr. Smriti Singh 
MA, B,Ed., Ph.D.

SET Qualified



Areas of expertise and research interests: Hindi Literature

Doctoral area of research: 21vi sadi ki mahila kathakaro ki khaniyo me vyakt pratirodh Sudha Arora, Madhu Kankariya, Geetanjali Shree ke vishesh sandharbh me

Ms. Priyanka Chauhan



M.PHIL dissertation Title Is ‘Chhatri Kahani Sangrah Men Abhiyakt Dalit Samvedna’ Attended and Presented Multiple Research Paper in National as Well as International Seminars. Doctoral Area of Research (Pursuing); ‘Bharat Ke Pramukh Pradeshik Loknaty Men Chitrit Paramprao Ka Anushilan’.