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Senior College


About the Subject

Sociology is the organized, systematic and scientific study of social life, social relationships and behaviour in human society. It emerged in response to attempts to understand changes occurring in society due to the processes of industrialisation, urbanisation and globalisation. Sociology addresses current social problems confronting society and policy makers

It enables one to think imaginatively, reject preconceived ideas about social life and to understand social change from a wider perspective. It allows one to look beyond a limited understanding of human behaviour and to see the world and people through a broader lens.

Sociology has important practical applications and contributes to social criticism and practical social reform. It helps to formulate policies based on an awareness of divergent cultural values as well as investigates the consequences of policy programmes. It focuses on areas such as crime, delinquency, demography, industrial sociology, rural sociology, sociology of occupation and profession, medical sociology, law and society, sociology of human resource development, research methodology and statistics. Sociologists assist in planning and conducting community action programmes. They also advice on public and employee relations in organizations.

About the Department

The department has two divisions at the junior and senior college. The number of students at the entry level is approximately two hundred. The department offers six papers at the TYBA level; we also offer a double major and have a total class strength ranging from 80 – 100 students. The department has been actively involved in a number of co-curricular activities such as field visits to orphanages, widow's homes and NGO's. The department has also undertaken a number of data collection projects on areas like Endometriosis, Pedophilia and Sexual Harassment of Women at the workplace.

Dr. Anagha Tendulkar 

Head Of the Department

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology


Main research interest areas are Social Gerontology and Social Research. She was awarded PhD degree by University of Mumbai, Department of Sociology in July, 2012 for her doctoral thesis, Community Care for Elderly in Mumbai. Member of Board of Studies ( Department of Sociology. University of Mumbai). Member of Board of Studies (SNDT). Life member of Indian Sociological Society. Member of International Sociological Society. Life member of Marathi Samajshastra Parishad. and honorary member of Federation of Senior Citizens’ Organisations, Maharashtra (FESCOM).


MA, PhD.


Areas of expertise and research interests: Sociology of Religion, Identity studies, Sociology of Gender, Qualitative Research Methodology.

Doctoral area of research: Identity and Religion – a study on the social construction of identity at the intersection of religion, caste and gender.

Association with academic bodies: Life Member, Indian Sociological Society

Research projects:

  • 2011-2013 Worked as Project Fellow, on an UGC-MRP project, titled Social Benefits of Reservation: A Study of Methodology and Analysis of Group Mobility through Individual Benefits, under Dr. P. G. Jogdand.
  • 2009, Project Fellow, for a period of five months, under Prof. Kamala Ganesh (Dept. of Sociology) and Prof. Renu Modi (Centre for African Studies), for the Group for Research on Indian Diaspora (GRID), interdisciplinary project under UPE scheme of the UGC.
  • 2009, Project Assistant, for a period of 18 days, Department of Sociology for the International Conference ‘Shifting Images and Discourses: Revisiting Linkages and Exchanges Between India and Germany’.
  • 2008, Research Assistant, for a period of one month, under Prof. Kamala Ganesh, Dept. of Sociology, for preparing a paper for the Oxford Round Table Conference on ‘Women in the Modern World: The Struggle for Equality’.
  • 2006, Field Assistant, for a period of seven months, under Prof. B. V. Bhosale, Dept. of Sociology, on International Collaboration project entitled Social Representations of Globalization, University of Picardie, France.
  • 2005, Research Assistant, for a period of three months, under Prof. P. G. Jogdand, Dept. of Sociology, for the project entitled ‘Social Justice Philanthropy in India’.

Ms. Wilma Monteiro

BA (sociology) from Sophia College for women Mumbai.

MA (HONS) Sociology from University of Mumbai.

NET Qualified.


Area of interest: Informal Sector and Rural Society.