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Senior College


Understanding history is critical to our understanding of who we are. History is not a litany of events but of the evolution of the way humans made decisions and how society changed. Our perception of those decisions is also changing thanks to new approaches to the study of the past, unearthing of new sources of information and changing interpretations. In our classes you will understand the answer to questions like these : What is the difference between nationalism and secessionism? How does history influence beliefs? How does history become a tool for propaganda? The study of history trains the mind to understand that there can be more than one story. In this department, you will widen your mental horizons, understand different perspectives, learn to question and analyse. All this and more is taught in our classes. Be there. Be a part of our history.


About the Department

The Department of History is one of the oldest departments of the college. It has had long serving faculty, with only four heads of department since its establishment. One of its most illustrious heads has been Dr. (Sr.) Anila Verghese, an internationally recognised historian whose area of expertise is the Vijayanagara Empire. She was also the Principal of the college.The faculty successfully employs a variety of audio-visual aids like power point presentations, maps and documentary films to enhance the learning experience. Learners are encouraged and guided to use the excellent library and online sources.  Field trips, participation in inter-collegiate competitions, presentations and writing papers, all ensure the personal growth of the learner. The department has also encouraged internships. Graduates have gone on to have successful careers in law, journalism, archaeology, teaching, travel and tourism, media and most recently as archivists. Their personal growth has been tremendous and they emerge as confident young women, with a strong sense of their worth.

Historical developments are neither linear nor should they be viewed from a single perspective. Understanding historical events roots us in our past. It enables us to understand the extent to which the future may be shaped by actions taken individually and collectively by people. The courses offered by the department cover historical events of the city, the state, the nation and the world. It is the endeavour of the department’s faculty to give the learner a deeper, richer understanding of the subject and the skills with which to utilize this knowledge for a better future.

Ms Swarupa Kamat

Associate Professor and Head of the Department. B.A. (History), M.A. (History). Secured the third rank in B.A. and second in M.A.


The Head of Department, she is an alumna of Sophia College and ranked third at the University level in BA History. Ms. Kamat has completed her MA from Mumbai University standing second in the University. She has taught History in the Junior College for 3 years and has been teaching Senior College since 1990.

Dr. Rashna Poncha

Associate Professor. B.A. (History) , M.A. (History). PhD. Secured the first rank in B.A. and second in M.A.  


Also an alumna of Sophia College, she secured the first rank at the University level in BA History. Mrs. Poncha completed her MA from Mumbai University standing second in the University. She has been a member of this department since 1996. She was awarded the Ph.D. degree in 2018 for her thesis on Bombay History..

Ms Firdos Makwana

B.A. ( History), B.Ed., M.A. (History)


She is an alumna of Sophia College. She teaches one course in senior college and the 12th standard of Junior College.

Dr. Lata Pujari 

MA, Ph.D