Computer Centre

(Sophia – M. K. Tata Communications Technology Centre)

The Computer Centre comprises four air-conditioned laboratories that are located on the 1st Floor of the Arts Building (opposite the Audio Visual Room/above the canteen). These laboratories are equipped with 95 computers, 5 printers (B/W and colour), 2 scanners and 3 projectors. Access to internet facility is available at a nominal rate.

Ordinarily you may use Computer Laboratory 1, for your academic or personal work. Computer Laboratories are often used for I.T. Practical sessions (Labs 1&2) and the BMM department (Lab 4). It may also be booked in advance by faculty members - for special/guest lectures, exams, quality control data entry, online form-filling, or meetings; at such times, access to some laboratories will be restricted.

You are strongly advised to save your data on your pen drive, HDD, email, cloud etc. Carry your own ear plugs for the purpose of listening at the computer. The computers in all laboratories are formatted from time to time and its staff cannot be held responsible for loss of your data from the computer laboratories.

Check that you have taken your belongings (especially pen drive, print outs, phone, bag etc.) when you leave the computer laboratory. Please do not make or receive calls from inside the laboratories as they will disturb other users.

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