Sophia College for Women
(Empowered Autonomous)
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Clubs and Associations


PRISM is Sophia college’s cultural committee but it has always been more than that to so many who learn and grow just by working together for the students and the contingent of our college. From setting up shops in the canteen for t-shirt and hoodie sates to organising fundraisers and managing the chaos in Bhabha hall’s backstage green rooms on college day and glimpses,PRISM does it all
PRISM works towards bridging the gap between the contingent members and the various college fests that take place throughout the City of Mumbai. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the contingent’s registrations are carried out, group practices are held regularly prior to the fest, while also keeping a check on any other technical assistance that they may need. This committee is a wholesome one that caters to the needs of students with myriad talents and passion instilled in their hearts.