Sophia College for Women
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Clubs and Associations

English Literary Society (ELS)

English Literary Society

ELS, Literature, Love and Laughter is our motto. We are the best place for all the literature
enthusiasts of the college. We offer a variety of events - book discussions, slam poetry, fanfiction writing, blogs, podcast, open mics and the likes. The club feels like a tight hug and warm tea in a bookstore or the smell of earth after rain.
We are a place for listeners, creators, and readers. We believe everybody has a story to tell, a way to tell it. ELS allows you to experiment with, accept and understand your writing style.
We unleash the magic of words within you and give you a platform to find your voice. We bring
back-to-back blockbusters for events. Creativity and imagination are the tenets we stand on and also hope to deliver!