Sophia College for Women
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Add-on Courses

Senior College students may pursue any of the following Certificate Courses alongside the BA, BSc, BSc-IT, or BMM programme.

  1. Certificate Course in Women’s Empowerment
  1. Certificate Course in Social Work focussing on issues related to Women and Girls
  2. Certificate Course in Social Research Methods

(For details, contact the Women’s Centre.)

  1. Certificate Course in Baking
  2. Certificate course in Knowledge Systems of Ancient India and the World (For details, contact the Women’s Centre.)
  3. Certificate Course in Bioinformatics

(For details, contact Department of Life Sciences)

  1. Certificate Course in Advance Mobile Programming

(For details, contact Department of Information Technology)

Various departments in the Senior College conduct One-credit Certificate courses in one or both terms of an academic year. Senior college students are encouraged to join a course based on your interest. These courses including face-to-face contact hours, as well as self-learning components that add up to a minimum of 30 fours of work. The requirements for each course varies; some are discussion-based, exam based, research oriented, activity-based etc.

Upon satisfactory completion of all mandatory components of the certificate course you will receive a provisional certificate. Sophia College (autonomous) (Autonomous) will subsequently issue the Final Certificate for One-Credit courses.  Students who successfully complete such courses will get one credit added to their final Degree Mark Sheet.

Courses presently available include:

  • Programming (Core Java, C, C++, MySQL, Python)
  • MKCL’s Computer Certificate MSCIT & KLiC courses
  • Scientific Writing
  • Music Theory
  • Fitness Trainership,
  • Web Designing
  • Desk Top Publishing

For details regarding course commencement, duration, timings, requirements and fees, you are requested to contact the concerned departments which will advertise their courses in college.