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Junior College


The English curriculum of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education covers the following areas:



A general overview of the Course across Standards XI and XII includes:

  • Grammar

Parts of speech, sentence structure, analysis of sentences, transformation of sentences, tense usage, modal auxiliaries, etc.

  • Vocabulary

Building vocabulary through exercises, word lists and contextual usage.

  • Comprehension

Reading passages followed by questions to assess understanding.

  • Writing

Email writing, Blog writing, Expansion of ideas, Summary writing, Appeal writing, Dialogue writing, Interview writing, etc.




  • Study of literary texts

Poems, short stories, extracts from plays, extracts from novels etc.

  • Analysis of Literary devices

Critical appreciation of textual poems, themes, characters, plot, symbolism etc.

  • Authors and their works

Shakespeare, Indian and other global writers, contemporary authors, etc.




  • Listening

Listening comprehension exercises, listening to audio recordings.

  • Reading

Reading extracts from literature, articles, essays.

  • Writing

Expressing ideas clearly and coherently, structuring various writing tasks, creative writing tasks, etc.




  • Periodic tests and Activity sheets covering comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and literature.
  • Assignments:

Projects and Presentations

  • Oral Assessment:

One minute speeches, group discussions, debates, speaking tasks.



Examination Scheme of Marking for Compulsory Subject: English


Sr. No.




Theory (Written Exam)



Oral Exam.






Ms Jini S Joseph



I have been teaching English to the Junior College students at Sophia since 1997, in the Arts and Science streams. My experience has given me some insightful lessons over the years. Flexibility in teaching methods and material is crucial to cater to diverse learning styles and student needs. Teaching language requires patience and perseverance. It is also important to go beyond the textbook and help students explore and understand the complexities of human life. I enjoy inspiring students to appreciate various genres and encourage them to express themselves which helps to nurture their confidence and communication skills. This often includes writing exercises, group discussions and creative projects.

I was a Resource Person for training teachers on the nuances of the National Education Policy (2020) organized by the Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training, Pune held in March 2024. I have co-authored the English Workbook for additional practice for our students.

Ms Vaishnavi Sawant



I have recently joined the English Department in Sophia Jr. College. I completed my M.A. in English and the B.Ed. Presently, I am pursuing an M.A. in Education. My strengths are that I am flexible, a hard worker and also self-motivated person. I am also good at soft skills like leadership, teamwork, time management and problem-solving. I am a humble and compassionate person who is educated and enthusiastic about life. My hobbies include swimming and trekking. I am learning Kathak.

My philosophy of education as a teacher is that every child should have the right to learn and have access to quality education. Students should be encouraged to determine the curriculum and 'learn by doing'. They must have the opportunity to learn in a community, through authentic and meaningful learning projects. As a teacher, I feel responsible for encouraging students not only for today but also for the future as well, as a part of a life-long experience.