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About the Subject

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes, based on research and the evidence gathered from observation, measurement and experimentation. It differs from the ‘pop psych ’ found in self-help books, graphology, numerology, and astrology which also try to explain and predict behaviour and offer solutions to problems.

Psychologists focus on describing, understanding, explaining, predicting and modifying behaviour and mental processes as well as on helping people understand themselves and others so that they bring about change and improve the quality of life for themselves as well as those around them. Psychology is one of the fastest-growing disciplines with developments in information technology, artificial intelligence, brain imaging, molecular biology and neuroscience making it even more multidisciplinary, challenging, and exciting.




Susan Johnson has specialized in Clinical Psychology for her Masters' from Mumbai University. She passed the National Eligibility Test in Psychology. She has done her BEd from Bombay Teachers' Training College, Colaba. In addition to teaching, she likes to read books, watch movies and solve cross word puzzles and Sudoku. She is a foodie who likes to travel and is an ambivert. She likes to spend time with herself, as well as enjoys good company.