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About the Subject

Economics is a subject of immense significance in today's globalized world. Knowledge of economics is required in almost every field. A student graduated in Economics has a world of opportunities available. With its numerous practical applications, knowledge of economics is immensely helpful for the students in securing good job opportunities as well as in pursuing higher studies.

Ms Poonam Yadav



As a dedicated educator with over a decade of experience, I have had the privilege of shaping young minds as a teacher of Economics at Sophia Jr. College since 2009. I have done my Bachelors degree from KC College and Masters from the University of Mumbai.

My teaching philosophy revolves around making the subject of Economics not only comprehensible but also intriguing and relevant to students' daily lives. I firmly believe that fostering an interactive and engaging classroom environment is key to igniting a passion for learning. Incorporating real-world examples and interactive activities, I strive to make complex economic concepts come alive, sparking curiosity and critical thinking among my students.

I have co-authored an Economics  Practice Workbook for Class XII. I have also completed 40 hours of online Career Counselling Training in 2024.

Beyond the classroom, I am an avid reader and sports enthusiast.  Through my dedication to teaching and my passion for lifelong learning, I am committed to empowering the next generation of leaders to navigate the complexities of the economic landscape with confidence and insight.

Tr. Anuradha Mishra



I have been teaching at Sophia Jr. College since 2009. My specific areas of interest include Financial Economics and Monetary Economics.

As a teacher, my vision for my future classroom is to create an atmosphere where each individual feels accepted and valued. It is my goal to discover ways to make learning innovative, enjoyable, creative, and rewarding. To have effective learning I conduct multiple tests and also provide learning material.

I also organise various activities like -visits to the RBI Museum, to Bombay Stock Exchange, Visit to banks to inculcate the habit of savings from a very young age and to get maximum returns.