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About the Subject

Physics is said to be the originator of all sciences, initially labeled as natural philosophy. The classification of sciences into physical, chemical and biological suggested Physical Sciences or Physics to be the science of inanimate matter and the various laws and processes prevalent in the Universe. Mathematics forms an integral part of the subject while technology is the immediate application of the subject. A working knowledge of Physics up to Std XII is mandatory for entrance examinations not only for undergraduate professional courses, but also for post graduate courses in institutions like the I.I.T.

The applications of Physics in Electronics, Computer technology, Communication, LASERs, Energy systems, Nuclear Technology, Space mission etc are well know and the current need of promoting interdisciplinary research sees its importance in emerging areas of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Nano-biotechnology etc. Fundamental physics helps us understand how universe was formed & how it is evolving.

Ms. Susan Tharian

MSc(Nuclear Physics) BEd MS-ACIT


With a specialization in Nuclear Physics, Ms Susan Tharian has completed 32 years of teaching in Sophia College. Her goal has always been to create an interest in this amazing science among Jr. College students. Many students find it challenging to solve physics questions. She encourages her students to try out a variety of methods to solve problems, in a simple and lucid way.

Reading on developments in Physics, and fiction, as well as travelling are her other interests.

Having first-hand knowledge of careers and scope post-HSC in the Science stream, she is always happy to guide students in preparing for competitive examinations and Career planning.

Mr. Anand Tripathi 



Mr Anand Tripathi our passionate Physics educator ignites curiosity and fosters a deep understanding of the subject. He has specialised in Electronics at the Masters' level. He has been an integral part of Sophia since 2013.  Through hands-on experiments and engaging discussions, making complex concepts more accessible and interesting to students, he nurtures critical thinking skills and encourages a lifelong confidence in Physics. He has provided valuable mentorship and career advice to students interested in pursuing careers in Physics or related fields.

He is also actively involved in the planning and execution of the annual Jr. College Talent Day held in December every year.

Tr. Neena Susan Issac



I have been teaching Physics since 2003, though I joined Sophia Jr. College in July 2023. I have experience of school teaching for the Maharashtra State Board, as well as the ICSE curriculum. Worked as a Staff-in-charge for Science Exhibitions. My expertise is in project and activity-based teaching. I am also interested in sacred choral music and play the guitar.