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Environment Education & Water Security is a compulsory subject for both 11th & 12th standard as per Maharashtra State Board of Education. The subject content has been presented in a graded manner to facilitate knowledge building with relevant illustrations to the syllabus content. The core focus is on interconnected nature of physical, social, economic & biological system pertinent to environmental issues.

The subject highlights the measures for protection and care of the environment, prevention of pollution & conservation of energy. The prevailing conditions of our country and our state, Maharashtra like acute water crisis, over-exploitation of groundwater, pollution, etc. are highlighted through the syllabus as well as through research based projects. Also possible solutions like rainwater harvesting, renovating water bodies, watershed development, conservation methods, drinking water sanitation through community participation are also included in the content.

The project based learning would bring forth sensitive, responsible and rational citizens of our country.

Ms. Shiney Gilbert

M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences), B.Sc. (Biotechnology), B.Ed, SET, PET, MS-ACIT


Shiney Gonsalves has been teaching Environment Education & Water Security since 2012. She has published the Environment Education Guidelines booklet for both FYJC & SYJC students. Her main focus is on creating awareness among students about our current environmental issues & possible solutions through both research projects & theoretical concepts.

Her areas of interest are Sustainable development, Environment Impact Assessment, Green Audit, Genetics, Environmental law & Environmental Biotechnology.

She organizes environmental trips for students twice a year which includes treks, camping, maritime walks, eco-friendly tours and many more activities.

She has completed & qualified the Exam of one week RUSA Sponsored workshop on ‘Emerging Trends in Research Methodology’ organized by REST Society for Research International (RSRI) Krishanagiri, Tamil Nadu & Sophia College in October 2023.

She has recently completed the 40 hours online training on ‘Career guidance assessment techniques & Practical counselling sessions’ organized by SCERT as per New Education Policy 2020. She is a certified ‘Career Counselor’ to guide the students.

At Sophia College, she has taught a paper ‘Environment & Ecology- An Indian Perspective’ to FY- BASCJ (Dept. of Strategic Communication & Journalism) students in the year 2023.

At Sophia College, she is the staff In-Charge for ‘Maharashtra Kala Samiti’ & ‘Art & Design’ clubs. She is a trained Bharatnatyam & Kathak dancer. She choreographs for staff dance performances every year at college day on 12th December.