Sophia Junior College
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Junior College



NET, M.P.Ed, M. A, Diploma in psychological counselling

Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Awardee – State gov. of Maharashtra


Areas of expertise:  Health and Physical Education and Sports

                                  NET, M.P.Ed, M. A, Diploma in psychological counselling.

Interest: Sports, music

Involvement in particular club: Staff in-charge of Sports club

Activity: Organising Yoga workshops, Zumba workshops, Self defence program, Weight traing sessions

Outreach: Organising sports events, inter collegiate sports competitions, collaborative outdoor activities, tracks

Educational philosophy/motivations: Education has the power to change your entire life and Health and Physical Education is playing important role in personal growth.

Health and Physical Education is an opportunity for students to learn about the importance of being active and healthy and what is required for them. Physical education gives students the required information and skills to be active for the rest of their lives. Physical education allows students to participate in activities that will help create positive social interactions. It also helps to improve their academic performances to being physically active.