Junior College


About the Subject

Chemistry, the fascinating study of matter, impacts every aspect of our daily lives from health and nutrition to climate change. A vibrant, growing science, chemistry is vital to the success of research endeavors from the fight against cancer and AIDS to the development of superconductors. Important research areas like drug design, material science, nanotechnology and most importantly, ‘green chemistry’ are beneficial to both humanity and the environment. A vast array of industries - petrochemicals, bulk and fine chemicals, polymers, dyes & paints, pharmaceuticals, food additives & nutraceuticals are chemistry related and offer a wide range of rewarding careers.

Ms Bina Gonsalves

MSc, BEd


M.Sc (organic chemistry), B.Ed, SET Staff co-ordinator - Junior college (chemistry)

Areas of interest: organic chemistry, social outreach to students of municipal schools.

Ms Sharmistha Rathod

MSc, BEd


MSc (inorganic chemistry), B.Ed

Areas of interest: Atomic structure and chemical bonding. Organization of extra-curricular activities for junior college.

Ms Bushra Shaikh

MSc, BEd


MSc (analytical chemistry), B.Ed

Areas of interest: Electrochemistry and chemical kinetics, developing innovative methods to teach chemistry.