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About the Subject

The Biology Department of Sophia College comprises staff dedicated to taking a step beyond the prescribed syllabus for students. The staff often complete the student’s textbook-acquired knowledge with real-life applications of Biology. Classroom sessions include power points, videos, and colourful charts, which facilitate a clear understanding of concepts. Apart from the framework of academia, students are encouraged to harness a sensitivity to nature and the environment by way of nature walks, and documentaries.

Ms. Latika Sethi

MSc BEd 


My passion is making Zoology and Cell Biology a living experience for students. Even after 32 years of teaching the subject, various aspects of our system, organs and cells still amaze and intrigue me and this love to understand living systems and their functioning, is what I hope to pass on to my students.

My love for nature has made me take many hikes, treks and trails with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-India) to various Reserve Forests and National Parks.

The silence of nature, instilled in me a search and hunger to understand the meaning of this process called life, which led to Yoga and Meditation as a daily practice. In my free time, I volunteer at an NGO that offers these simple tools of Yoga and Meditation as a means to  develop, clarity and an inner joy, independent of outside situations.

Ms Archana Sandeep Kulkarni

MSc (Botany) BEd


As a botanist, I try to cultivate a deep understanding of flora and it’s mode of adaptations by engaging in discussions and associating it with life experiences.

In today’s world as we move towards digitization, sharing the knowledge of fundamental botany and the importance of plants in our lives, with young learners is a very passionate experience for me.

My interests include enhancing my knowledge, through short BBC films, and YouTube videos related to Genetics and Plant Physiology, and sharing this with my students as a simple understandable concepts.

Ms Radhika Patkar



As a Zoologist and an Endocrinologist with 30 years of teaching experience, my most passionate moments are when I am sharing knowledge of diseases, their treatment and possible prophylaxis and cures for today's new health challenges and infections, with my students.

My interests include meeting medical professionals, gaining first-hand knowledge about new trends in diseases and incorporating my experiences in the teaching-learning process.

Reading books on Human Physiology, and ailments are also of special interest to me.