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About the Subject

Mathematics & Statistics are subjects of immense application in today's world. These subjects find their applications in all streams – Arts, Science and Commerce. A sound knowledge of these subjects helps a students in the pursuit of higher studies as well as in challenging job situations. These subjects are widely applied in Masters(post graduate) Programmes of various subjects of Humanities and Sciences, Education and Management. Careers like Insurance, Banking, Consultancy, Market Research, Media Research, Quality Control Management, Stock investment, Investment Banking, Logistics and Warehouse Management, Financial Accounting etc require a good foundation in Mathematics and Statistics.

Ms Mayuri Devalekar

MSc, BEd


Understanding and solving mathematical problems has been my passion and interest since I was a student.

I love interacting and engaging with students and enjoy helping them grasp the core of various mathematical concepts. I feel it’s a privilege to have this opportunity to inspire students to think and solve problems using their own knowledge and creativity. Helping students develop this ability is a very fulfilling experience for me.

My recreational habits include reading fiction and philosophy.

I am an enthusiastic traveller and love exploring new places.

Ms. Janice Gonsalves

MSc (Mathematics), B.Ed


Ms. Janice Gonsalves joined Sophia Junior college in June 2022 and is teaching Mathematics. Her areas of special interest include: Calculus & Statistics. Her goal is to develop innovative methods and create interest in the learning of Mathematics. She participated in a District-level "NEP Training of Teachers (TOT)" from 14-16 Feb 2024.