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About the Subject

Understanding history is critical to our understanding of who we are. History is not a series of events but of the evolution of the way humans made decisions and how society changed. Our perception of those decisions is also changing thanks to new approaches to the study of the past, unearthing of new sources of information and changing interpretations. In our classes you will understand the answer to questions like these : What is the difference between nationalism and secessionism? How does history influence beliefs? How does history become a tool for propaganda? The study of history trains the mind to understand that there can be more than one story. In this department, you will widen your mental horizons, understand different perspectives, learn to question and analyse. All this and more is taught in our classes. Be there. Be a part of our history.

Sr Annie Peter



As Vice-Principal of the Junior College and Teacher of History, I delight in carrying out all my responsibilities with efficiency and effectivity. I am glad to be at the service of the institution and all its stakeholders and to reach out in all my capabilities to help the needy. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know so many students, parents and staff at a personal level and build relationships with them. I also enjoy teaching History as I find the subject most fascinating and relevant at all times, for all peoples, all over the world. It places on record all the events and happenings in the world - in the past, present and for the future. It’s a ready reference for anyone seeking information on a particular historical event or persona. We can learn a lot from History as it's a guide about the past, in the present, for the future.

Ms Firdos Makwana

MA, B.Ed


‘History is the study of events which covers all aspects of human society’.

It is an academic discipline which uses a narrative to describe, examine, question, and analyze past events, and investigate their patterns of cause. Therefore at Sophia, lectures are not only studying the prescribed text but connecting it to our past, present and future. Loads of discussions with acceptance to every opinion is the directive of the class. Discussion on Current events is the mode of the lecture always. We also go on field trips to connect theory with practical.

So who says ‘History is boring’, let them come to my lecture……

With examples from past we learn lifelong lessons that shapes each one’s personality in its own way. I am always available for my students, ex – students to guide them academically or personally.