Junior College


About the Subject

Understanding history is critical to our understanding of who we are. History is not a litany of events but of the evolution of the way humans made decisions and how society changed. Our perception of those decisions is also changing thanks to new approaches to the study of the past, unearthing of new sources of information and changing interpretations. In our classes you will understand the answer to questions like these : What is the difference between nationalism and secessionism? How does history influence beliefs? How does history become a tool for propaganda? The study of history trains the mind to understand that there can be more than one story. In this department, you will widen your mental horizons, understand different perspectives, learn to question and analyse. All this and more is taught in our classes. Be there. Be a part of our history.

Sr Annie Peter



She is the Vice-Principal of the Junior College. She is a first class scholar, an animal lover, loves reading and mono-acting and is fluent in a number of languages.

Ms Firdos Makwana

MA, B.Ed


She is an alumna of Sophia College. She teaches one course in Senior College and the 12th standard of Junior College.