1. Attendance
    1. Students are expected to have a minimum of 75% attendance in each semester.
    2. Defaulters may be debarred from the final examination.
    3. Leave notes from parents/guardians and where needed, medical certificates are to be given to the co-ordinator to explain the absence of a student from class.
  2. Canteen facilities are available only to the staff and students of the college.
  3. Dress Code: Students must come to college suitably clad, that is, in dress appropriate to an educational institution in India. Shorts, miniskirts and short blouses are not allowed.
  4. Cleanliness is encouraged at all times and in all places. Students may eat only in the canteen. Littering on the premises is objectionable. Writing and drawing on walls and desks is prohibited. Students will be penalized if found doing so.
  5. Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs is totally prohibited on the campus.
  6. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  7. Entry to the Sophia campus is through the main gate and through the Pedder road entrance. The latter is open only to staff and students.
  8. Students may not entertain their visitors/relatives on the campus.
  9. The identity card must always be carried.
  10. Mobile phones are only allowed in and around the Canteen.