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Departmental Information - Sociology
Senior College : Dr Perpetua Miranda M.A., D.H.E., MPhil, PhD (Head of the Department)
Ms Gilda Pereira M.A
Ms Anagha Tendulkar M.A (FIP Study Leave)
Ms Karen Miranda
Junior College : Ivan John MA, MEd, PGDHE, MPhil (Education), MPhil (Sociology), LTCL, AMusTCL, DipABRSM, ATCL, LLCM(TD), MS-ACIT
Rochelle Pereira MA, BEd, MS-ACIT

The Higher Secondary Course in Sociology is a two-year programme. The first year course introduces learners to sociological terms, significant thinkers who have contributed to the discipline, an understanding of social change  and an introduction to social research. In the revised syllabus students will do project work as an integral part of coursework. In the second year the thrust of the paper is ‘understanding’ Indian society – its social institutions, problems and changes.

A conscious effort is made to involve learners actively - in the process of learning, through the occasional use of group discussions, debates, film screenings, role playing and dramatization.

The course also emphasizes the problems/challenges faced especially by women in society and students are sensitized to understanding the problems of other marginalized sections such as tribals, religious, linguistic and sexual minorities. All concepts are discussed in relation to the world in which we live and more specifically, the Indian context.

The department has developed its own course material and worksheets for students to help learners understand the subject. This also help them prepare for the HSC ‘external’ Theory examination.

The department has two divisions at the junior and senior college. The number of students at the entry level is approximately two hundred. The department offers six papers at the TYBA level; we also offer a double major and have a total class strength ranging from 80 100 students. The department has been actively involved in a number of co-curricular activities such as field visits to orphanages, widow's homes and NGO's. The department has also undertaken a number of data collection projects on areas like Endometriosis, Pedophilia and Sexual Harassment of Women at the workplace.

The following students obtained the first and second ranks at the TYBA Sociology Mumbai University examination held in March 2008, viz. Miss Gayatri Maniar (70.83%) and Miss Danish Ardeshir (70%). Photographs of the two to be inserted in the website.

Ms Gayatri Maniar
secured the 1st Rank in Sociology at the TYBA Examination held in March 2008 by the Mumbai University. She was felicitated by the Mumbai University on 10th September 2008

Ms Danish Ardeshir secured the 2nd Rank at the TYBA Examination held in March 2008 by the Mumbai University .She was felicitated by the Mumbai University on 10th September 2008

MEGHNA KASAT has joined the ranks of our earlier toppers by obtaining the 1st rank in Sociology at the Mumbai University TYBA Exam 2009.
Dr Perpetua Miranda:
Reader and Head of the Department of Sociology
Member Board of Studies Mumbai University
Member Faculty of Arts Mumbai University
Miss Gilda Pereira:
Ms Karen Miranda:
COURSES : (Click on papers to view Syllabus)
FYBA Paper I Foundation Of Sociology
SYBA Paper II Indian Society :Concept, Structure and Processes
SYBA Paper III Emerging issues in Indian society
TYBA Paper IV Social Theory (COMPULSORY)
TYBA Paper V Sociology Of Work
TYBA Paper VI Gender and Society (APPLIED COMPONENT)
TYBA Paper VII Sociology of Human Resources Development
TYBA Paper VIII Urban Sociology
TYBA Paper IX Research Methodplogy (APPLIED COMPONENT)
Meghna Kashab receiving an Award From
The Acting Vice Chancellor From The Mumbai University,Dr.(Ms) Chandra Krishnamurthy,
for Obtaining The Highest Marks In Sociology
at the TYBA University Examination
CaptionsOn Behalf Of The Sociology
Patricia D’Silva receives an award from
The Hon’ble Governor Of Maharashtra,
Shri Sankaranarayanan,for its contribution
towards an awareness and eradication
of leprosy through ALERT-INDIA
Students :
Project undertaken under CED Insaniyat Scholarship The Ghettoisation of the Mind(Mirror on Communalism)by Sanaya Dhotiwalla
Faculty :

Dr Perpetua Miranda

The Contribution of Dr Stephen Fuchs to Anthropology PhD Thesis, Tribal Welfare in India a Comparative study of the views of Verrier Elwin and G S GhuryeMPhil Thesis

Miss Anagha Tendulkar

Minor Research Project 2005-2006, Area social gerontology
Title Senior Citizens Association IN Mumbai

Some students who have passed out of the department are currently working with NGOS or are pursuing higher studies abroad or in India in the field of HRD social work

Students can take up the following courses after completion of T.Y.B.A. Sociology:-
•  MA in Sociology
•  MSW from TISS
•  HRD (Human Resources Department)
•  Labour welfare course
•  Courses in Journalism and Advertising
•  Public Relations Course
Jobs Opportunities :

•  Research Data Processing and data Analysis
•  Work as a social worker in an N.G.O (MSW)
•  Teaching after post graduation, with NET SET for senior college or Bed, for Junior College
•  Labour Welfare Officers
•  Public Relation Officers
•  Journalist
The Higher Secondary Course in Sociology expose students to the basic concepts of Sociology and the application of this knowledge in understanding Indian society, its institutions and social problems. Every effort is made to get students involved in the process of learning through the occasional use of discussions, debate, film screening, role playing and dramatization.

In the first year students participate in Sociology test of Comprehension which is directly a test of their extension of sociological knowledge to current social issues/problems. They also do a simple assignment which may include field visits or data collection for research. 

The course highlights the problems of women and other marginalized sections of Indian society. Attention is also given to the impact of globalization, information technology and the media of mass communication. Career and personal development are also dealt with in this course. 

The department has developed its own course material and worksheets for students to help them understand the subject and also prepares them for the HSC board examination.
Ivan John MA, MEd, PGDHE, MPhil (Education), MPhil (Sociology), LTCL, AMusTCL, DipABRSM, ATCL, LLCM(TD), MS-ACIT

His area of academic interest includes LGBT/Queer sexuality, women’s issues and educational issues. He is also a pianist, choir trainer and music educator. He has two Sociology Text Books for the Higher Secondary course as well as work books  for Standard XI and XII – in Sociology, and Environment Education.
Rochelle Pereira MA, BEd, MS-ACIT

Presently she is doing research in the area of women’s education, with special reference to institutions in Mumbai city.

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